Lindsay Area Development

Strategic Plan

Shaping the vision for the future.

It takes everyone in a community to make it successful, but someone has to take the lead. In Lindsay, that’s LAD.
The Lindsay Area Development has a résumé of accomplishments beyond its five years of existence, with much more on the horizon.

In 2017, a group of friends started talking about the community, what they would like Lindsay to look like,
and decided they should do more than just talk about it.


Multi-Purpose Community Events & Fitness Center

We are currently in the early stages of the capital campaign to build a Multi-Purpose Facility to that will serve as a Community Center and Wellness Facilities. Think of it as a YMCA with an event center and meeting rooms combined into one.

A multi-purpose facility that will include space for:

The mission of Lindsay Area Development is to improve and maintain the strength of the community, school and parish of the village of Lindsay and surrounding areas. What does this mean? Simply… Lindsay to be the community of choice for families and businesses. The first strategic plan was formed based upon community surveys and feedback sessions done in partnership with Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District and the Village of Lindsay. The top 5 goals that were defined as the top priorities were: All strategic initiatives and projects are evaluated based upon how they fit into our long-term strategic priorities and fall within 1 or more of the 3 pillars of strength:
Economy, Housing, Tourism


Retain and Attract Businesses

A thriving community requires a wide array of businesses and services to meet the needs of it's residents. LAD is continuously seeking feedback and developing partnerships to bring businesses together.


Public Infrastructure (Water Tower & Street Improvements)

During the 2017 strategic planning process in partnership with Northeast Nebraska Economic Development group and the Village of Lindsay, it was identified that in order to support the growth and expansion of the community a new water tower was needed and improvements to the streets. Investing $5.2M to this initiative with the water tower construction completed in 2018 and street improvements  completed 2018 - 2021.